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Your Life, Our Passion

Finding Your Fiduciary Fit 

Being a fiduciary means that advisors put their client’s interests first. This goes beyond satisfying a legal definition; it is about how advisors make objective financial recommendations that impact your financial future. We invite you to experience the integrity and potential of our fiduciary services.

We believe the most valuable service we provide is our ability to help you define and pursue your financial dreams. 

Brisard Wealth Advisory has the expertise and the flexibility to provide wholly customized advisory services that make managing your money less complicated, and your journey more meaningful.

We can’t change Wall Street, but we can keep our promise always to charge reasonable fees for the services we provide, stay in contact with you on a regular basis, consider important factors like time horizon and risk tolerance when recommending strategies, and help you select the investments as we aim for the highest probability of getting you the outcomes you desire. We don’t offer brokerage-only services – we are here to serve as your personal financial concierge in all matters concerning money. Our services are entirely customized, and we encourage our clients to reach out and request assistance with decisions – large or small – with the power to impact their finances.